All Potatoes, All Day.

What can’t we do with potatoes?

Fry them, boil them, mash them, ferment them, bake them; the options are endless! And we always enjoy them in all their variety as they come.

Now picture eating potatoes every single day, a diet choice if you will. Can you survive on an all potato diet? They are after all vegetables so are deemed a healthy source of nutrients.

Potatoes are a global staple food; we also did recently watch a man on Mars survive on a 99% potato based diet so, it’s safe to say it’s a Universal staple food.

Nutrition Facts

Let’s break it down. It turns out potatoes are more than just 100% starch composition. They have vitamins, proteins, fats, minerals, and water.

Potatoes are a decent source of calories, which pretty much means if you are looking for a source of energy, this is a good one. The majority of its composition is starch, some if it digestible and some of it not. The indigestible bit ends up serving as a source of fiber.

They also seem to be a decent source of Protein, just not adequate for someone who weighs about 120 kilos. They need way more proteins in their diet to balance it out.

There is also water, which potatoes have a lot of; 80% of that tuber is mainly water. It is, however, noticeably less than the content in most vegetables which is usually at about 90% composition.

 Balanced Diet?

We have a little bit of Vitamin C in there which is very soluble and helps in prevention of scurvy, a tiny bit of Vitamin E which is mostly an antioxidant and helps in cell regeneration and also a little Vitamin K for blood clotting purposes and binding calcium ions in bones.

Not forgetting the substantial amount of minerals per every 100g or so; this seems to be an all rounded meal. We have, Manganese, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium and traces of Sodium and Zinc to round it up.


Eating potatoes in their various forms could be one way of diversifying diet options and also avoid boredom. It could be a plate of mashed potatoes or a tray of baked potatoes. Even a plate of French fries or bag of chips for when you are feeling a little rebellious.

It could technically work as a weight loss tactic.

100% Potatoes?

The nutrient components vary with the method used to prepare the potatoes. The starch content increases significantly when the potatoes are cooled and reduces when they are cooking.

If they are not properly stored, they could release some form of poison; solanine which could make life a little more difficult. Cramps, headaches, and fevers are never a welcome idea.

Eating normal serving sizes of potatoes on a frequent basis should serve as a healthy dietary option. It is yet to be determined if an all potato diet for lengthened periods of time can do more harm than good or vice versa.

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